Short powerful management courses preparing the candidates to succeed at their tasks. These four hour courses are packed with introduction to the body of knowledge and best practices required as a foundation for the subject matter. Gateway believes that management learning happens on the job and candidates are best served by providing them a context to the tasks as well as tools for successful completion of the mission and continued learning.

          Gateway courses are targeted to folks starting in a job or wanting to transition to that job. We expect the courses to be taken also by those aspiring to take on the subject matter tasks as part of their current job and those who may have a casual interest in the subject. Experienced practitioners may join for a quick reboot.

          These courses could be an effective method for professional organizations to identify and attract new members. Gateway courses could also lead to participation in advance courses offered by the sponsoring organization. The Gateway courses are offered individually and as a bundle. All are delivered live online (No downloads or installs necessary).